Business Management Oversight

Have a small team you rely on but wish they were the well oiled machine you know they can be? Need help figuring out your business’s path to growth? Are you struggling to complete projects and meet your goals on a regular basis?

Do you know you need an experienced Business Manager and Growth Strategist on your team but can’t yet commit to the $60k+ price tag that comes with?


Sidekick COO Business Management Service

Over the course of the year (via 13 hyper focused calls) we’ll:

Determine the key KPI’s for you to focus on,
Assess your business in 6 Key Areas, 
Brainstorm solutions to address weaknesses in your business,
Create quarterly projects and goals,
Set up a meeting cadence to ensure consistent progress towards your goals,
Ensure everyone is always on the same page,
And more.

Book a quick chat or email me today to see if the Sidekick COO Business Management Service is right for you. 

Before working with Any Old Task, my business had some sound foundations—a list of 6000, potential clients following me organically on social media, a 5-star-rated podcast, a unique brand, an incredible team (albeit small), and respect as a strong coach who could help people stop binge eating. But my vision of growing my business so I could help many more people kept sinking in logistical quicksand.

In the beginning, I was scared to let Sandra know just how bad the behind-the-scenes chaos was (I actually cried on my first call with her). But Sandra quickly reassured me that my situation wasn’t all that unusual for someone like me—passionate about my work but lacking a business background.

I have been continually blown away by her incredible knowledge and insight into the coaching industry and her business acumen as a whole—it was exactly what I and my business were craving. 

After working closely with Sandra, I now have a highly structured approach to achieving my business goals, a clear focus on priority projects, and a phenomenal new executive assistant that Sandra helped me recruit. Clarity about goals and roles has enabled each of my team members to work to their strengths and has allowed our team as a whole to come together regularly in a highly productive and exciting way. 

Oh—and my membership almost doubled in the first three months of working with Sandra. I am super-excited about the possibilities I see emerging and am deeply grateful to Sandra for her incredible support along the way.

I have been continually blown away by Sandra's incredible knowledge and insight into the coaching industry and her business acumen as a whole—it was exactly what I and my business were craving. 

– Martha Ayim, Founder of Holding the Space

Scale Society

If your business doubled next month, are you confident that your business would survive the growth?

Or would you find yourself…

…wasting hours of your precious time manually onboarding your new clients,

…losing out on lucrative leads that got lost in the chaos,

…scrambling to find qualified help to handle the influx,

…tearing your hair out trying to find, set up, and implement new technology to reduce the workload, and 

…wishing you had a normal job that you didn’t have to worry about all the time. 

Heck, maybe you already find yourself doing some of those 👆 things. 

Maybe you look at your business and know it could “be better”. You know there are processes, and procedures, and automations you could/should put in place to make the entire thing run like a well-oiled machine but you’re damned if you know what they are.

If that sounds familiar you’re in the exact right place.

Scale Society is a close-knit, personalized group program designed to help you build a solid foundation for your business.

Doors open in December

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Team Planning Session

Feeling crushed by the weight of your workload and worried you’re on your way to total burnout but aren’t sure what role you should hire for?

Have you been told by various people that you should get a VA or an OBM or an Integrator but you feel lost as to what the difference is and which one would be best for you?

Book a Team Planning Session!

In this deep dive we’ll:

Explore your business goals,
Uncover where your time is going each day,
Discuss the big hurdles holding you back,
Discover opportunities for efficiencies and time management improvements, and
Determine exactly who you should be looking to add to your team and when.


60 or 90 min Consultation

Need to talk something through? Whether you have questions about scaling your business, and getting unstuck or you want my eyes on your launch (I’ve run over 100 profitable launches), grab a spot in my calendar now!


"You gave me confidence in where I should place my priorities to put me back on a success path. Thank you for that!"

Laurie D. Water Exercise Coach

Are you a VA looking for training and resources?



Discover the 5 Tasks Crushing your Growth

5 Tasks








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