I’ve always wanted to have an office full of happy, thriving plants. The kind that look really amazing on a Zoom call, when attendees or a potential client is first checking me out. The only problem was that I didn’t have time. Time to research which plants would thrive in my office space with medium […]


4 Keys to a Thriving Business (…or House Plant)

Being busy feels good. Hitting send on those newsletter emails, getting on discovery calls, and that sense of accomplishment when you complete a mind-blowing client project? Who needs to exercise for endorphins when you run a business? Well, you might, once your happy clients start tagging you in their Insta stories and your waitlist gets […]


Self-Care for Your Business

We need community to survive. With the extended periods of isolation many of us have had due to the pandemic, we’ve experienced the mental and emotional consequences of having that need go unfulfilled. Entrepreneurs who create a strong culture – one that their team looks forward to coming to every week – can scale more […]


The Key to Fostering Relationships Within Your Team

Ahh, the DIY solopreneurship wildfire of ideas, half-built Zapier automations, and unfinished freebie funnels, sparked atop the smoldering tinderbox of too much client work.⁠ What you really wanted was a nice bonfire that you could dance around. Maybe toast some s’mores on. Something you could rely on for warmth and light, even when it’s cold […]


What Does it Mean to Scale Your Business?

Fall launch season is almost upon us and if you’re like most online business owners, you’ve got a post-launch vacation on the books to celebrate and recharge after the intense launch period. Congratulations! If you’ve been around for any period of time, you know that Any Old Task is borderline persnickety about taking care of […]


Preparing for a Successful Vacation

Image of dandelions with text that reads collections with classs

Often one of the first things I ask about when I sit down with a new client is how they collect payment for projects because it tells me a lot about how the business is run overall, and its strengths and weaknesses. There are many ways to do collections with class, but you need a […]


Collections with Class

Are You Asking Your Clients the Right Questions? How often are you posing questions to your clients and customers? What questions are you asking? And are you using the answers to help strengthen your business offerings and customer service? If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, asking your clients questions—and particularly, asking the right […]

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The Importance of Asking Questions

How well do you really know your clients? If you want to know the secret to my success as a high-level Online Business Manager and small business owner, it’s this: I really and truly get to know my clients. This might seem like a simple, no explanation needed technique, but stop and think about it: […]

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Get to Know Your Clients: Why & How

About a month ago, my assistant took vacation – the gall! Grace took flight to Cuba and left me to my work here in Canada for a week. While she was sipping on daiquiris, dancing the night away, and having the time of her life belting out karaoke tunes (and winning competitions for it!), I […]

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How to Cope When Your Assistant Goes On Vacation

If you’ve ever reached the end of a week and wondered where your 120 hours went, you’re not alone! It’s a common problem with my clients, and one I hear about almost daily in my practice. The drill is the same every week: You walk into the office on Monday morning with good intentions, a […]

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3 Ways to Dominate Your Calendar


Discover the 5 Tasks Crushing your Growth

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