Are You Asking Your Clients the Right Questions? How often are you posing questions to your clients and customers? What questions are you asking? And are you using the answers to help strengthen your business offerings and customer service? If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, asking your clients questions—and particularly, asking the right […]

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The Importance of Asking Questions

How well do you really know your clients? If you want to know the secret to my success as a high-level Online Business Manager and small business owner, it’s this: I really and truly get to know my clients. This might seem like a simple, no explanation needed technique, but stop and think about it: […]

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Get to Know Your Clients: Why & How

About a month ago, my assistant took vacation – the gall! Grace took flight to Cuba and left me to my work here in Canada for a week. While she was sipping on daiquiris, dancing the night away, and having the time of her life belting out karaoke tunes (and winning competitions for it!), I […]

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How to Cope When Your Assistant Goes On Vacation

If you’ve ever reached the end of a week and wondered where your 120 hours went, you’re not alone! It’s a common problem with my clients, and one I hear about almost daily in my practice. The drill is the same every week: You walk into the office on Monday morning with good intentions, a […]

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3 Ways to Dominate Your Calendar

As an Online Business Manager, I love anything that makes my job easier and takes the frustration out of everyday tasks for myself, my team and my amazing clients (you know who you are!). In the space of a week, I’m doing everything from updating social media accounts and creating awesome landing pages to managing […]

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My Favourite Tools

It’s December! With the holidays on the horizon, planning for the new year is probably the last thing on your mind. There’s Christmas shopping to get done, stockings to hang, and yes, client projects to wrap up! Luckily, business planning doesn’t have to be a frustrating ordeal. At Any Old Task, we love guiding our […]

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4 Steps to Take to Plan for a New Year in Business

Working with uber-successful clients constantly reminds me that change is a constant in business! The most successful businesses are living entities with many moving parts, so they transform day-to-day and over time as new employees are hired and owners near retirement. I had lunch with a client recently who began to muse about when she’ll […]

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Why You Need a Turnover Plan

Image of a white coffee cup on a wooden tabletop with black overlay and text that reads "Why You Need a Client Onboarding Process"

Many of my clients are actively growing their businesses. As they bring on more clients, employees and team members, though, they find their workflow becomes more complex. On a discovery call with a potential client the other day, I heard a common complaint: “It takes a lot of time to get new clients up to […]

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Why You Need A Client Onboarding Process

Have you ever looked around your conference room (or virtual conference room!) and felt like your team should be achieving more? Do your team members have the raw talent to succeed, but there’s just something holding them back from growing your business to its full potential? It’s happened to the best of us. Team management […]

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5 Tips for Taking your Team Management to the Next Level

Bringing new, high-paying clients onboard feels fantastic, but what’s even better is when an existing client finds them for you, and sends them right to your door. These clients are your unofficial advocates. They want to help both you and their contacts, so they’re actively promoting you in private meetings, and casual conversations whenever their […]

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How to Convert Clients to Advocates in 3 Easy Steps


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