Recently my partner and I went for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in the city; a lively sports bar in the heart of downtown. Our friend is the head chef there, and is well-known for his delightfully tasty dishes and broad, easy smile. A natural in the kitchen and wonderfully warm and cheerful […]

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Create Your Special Sauce

You’ve got a pile of bills to pay, a large project deadline in the next few weeks, and the desk in your office needs cleaning. We’ve all been in this position, wondering what to do first and where to start! It all seems so overwhelming. But there’s an easy way to cut down on the […]

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Use the Kaizen Approach to Overcome Procrastination

Are You Asking Your Clients the Right Questions? How often are you posing questions to your clients and customers? What questions are you asking? And are you using the answers to help strengthen your business offerings and customer service? If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, asking your clients questions—and particularly, asking the right […]

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The Importance of Asking Questions

Where has the first two months of 2018 gone?! You swear you started the year with optimism, hope, and good intentions toward planning for your business this year…and now it’s almost March!! What if it’s too late? Don’t panic, because although it might feel like you’re already hopelessly behind, it’s never too late to start. […]


How to start planning for your business when it’s already too late

How well do you really know your clients? If you want to know the secret to my success as a high-level Online Business Manager and small business owner, it’s this: I really and truly get to know my clients. This might seem like a simple, no explanation needed technique, but stop and think about it: […]

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Get to Know Your Clients: Why & How

We love books here at Any Old Task! That’s why once a month, we’re going to review and recommend books that have motivated, inspired, or challenged us to improve our business. First up we have Who Moved My Cheese?, first published in 1998 and written by Dr. Spencer Johnson, who also co-authored the best seller […]

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Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

It’s December! With the holidays on the horizon, planning for the new year is probably the last thing on your mind. There’s Christmas shopping to get done, stockings to hang, and yes, client projects to wrap up! Luckily, business planning doesn’t have to be a frustrating ordeal. At Any Old Task, we love guiding our […]

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4 Steps to Take to Plan for a New Year in Business

When you work from home, you understand how easy it is to spend the whole day striving to complete all the work you need to get done, only to feel frustrated, resentful and exhausted at the many roadblocks in your way. Maybe your family interrupts your work just as you get in the zone, or […]


How To Stay On Track When Working At Home

As passionate entrepreneurs who love what we do, we put our hearts into serving our clients and building our businesses every day. But what does it mean to run a heart-centered business, and how can we make a profit doing it? At Any Old Task, we know our clients as people, not just our clients. […]


Doing Business With Heart

Business is changing so quickly that there’s often the temptation to think that hiring younger employees is a safe bet. Apart from it being illegal in many areas to discriminate based on age, many have discovered that sticking to younger hires can be a costly and, sometimes, catastrophic mistake. ​Here are five reasons why hiring […]


The Amazing Leverage of Mature Employees


Discover the 5 Tasks Crushing your Growth

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