True story: Until I was in my 30s, I couldn’t phone in a pizza order without feeling paralyzed by anxiety. And even though I’ve been name dropped in Forbes, interviewed for a dozen podcasts and summits, taught in some super A-Player groups, and been onstage with some pretty high falutin’ Clubhouse hosts, I’m still very […]


You’re a Human, Not Just a Business

Comfort Zone blog image Text: How Pushing Myself Out of My Comfort Zone Led to Some of My Biggest Life Events Background: WHite headphones on a white desk with notepad

Does even the thought of feeling uncomfortable make you uncomfortable? You may have noticed that as human beings, we’re wired to avoid discomfort. We just don’t like it! It’s tied in with our ingrained fight or flight response. There’s obvious physical discomfort that tells you something is wrong, and you should remove yourself from the […]


How Pushing Myself Out of My Comfort Zone Led to Some of My Biggest Life Events

Connect With Your Tribe Text: Don't Be A Lone Wolf: Identify and Connect With Your Tribe Background: Succulent cactii on wooden table, overhead view

“Years ago, there were tribes that roamed the earth, and every tribe had a magic person. Well, now, as you know, all the tribes have dispersed, but every so often you meet a magic person, and every so often, you meet someone from your tribe.” – Carrie Fisher When Carrie Fisher wrote those words in her […]


Don’t be a Lone Wolf, Identify & Connect with your Tribe

Scared to Speak Blog Text - Scared to Speak When You're Scared To Speak Background: Wood Desktop with coffee in a white cup, a mouse and computer and plant

There’s a fantastic Jerry Seinfeld quote that I love: “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” Yes, it’s hilarious and dumbfounding, but there’s also an […]


What to Do When You’re Scared to Speak


Discover the 5 Tasks Crushing your Growth

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