What comes to mind when you think of December?  Fairy lights, eggnog, fruitcake, and parties? Or deadlines, annual revenue goals, and all those projects at risk of ringing in the new year unfinished? If you’re a business owner with a tendency to reach for big revenue goals at the end of the year, or to […]

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How to Plan for a Smooth December

About a month ago, my assistant took vacation – the gall! Grace took flight to Cuba and left me to my work here in Canada for a week. While she was sipping on daiquiris, dancing the night away, and having the time of her life belting out karaoke tunes (and winning competitions for it!), I […]

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How to Cope When Your Assistant Goes On Vacation

As an Online Business Manager, I love anything that makes my job easier and takes the frustration out of everyday tasks for myself, my team and my amazing clients (you know who you are!). In the space of a week, I’m doing everything from updating social media accounts and creating awesome landing pages to managing […]

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My Favourite Tools

Are you feeling like there are just too many tasks to do in one day? Do you feel like the moment you cross an item off your to-dos, there are seven more tasks added to the list? As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you have precious little time to spare between managing your staff, […]

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The Value of Tools that Work Together

As an entrepreneur, you’ll sometimes face work exhaustion. Why is it that no day seems to be long enough to get everything done? Tasks pile up, get left behind or are forgotten. Soon, you’re working 16-hour days and seven-day weeks because it seems like the only way to catch up. This gradually transforms into a […]

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Tired by Work?

When you work from home, you understand how easy it is to spend the whole day striving to complete all the work you need to get done, only to feel frustrated, resentful and exhausted at the many roadblocks in your way. Maybe your family interrupts your work just as you get in the zone, or […]


How To Stay On Track When Working At Home

The other day, I was telling a client how important it is to have processes and procedures in place that act as checks and balances for your business, without you even thinking about it. For example, I said, I regularly help businesses create and implement collections processes that define the steps they take to receive […]

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Why you need a Collections Process

Do you believe that automation is the way of the future? Once upon a time, not all that long ago, the term “automation” was really only used in manufacturing. The term was associated with the process of machinery and later robots building cars at speeds that would be impossible for human beings to accomplish. Today, […]

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How to Make Automation Work For You and Your Business

Running a business requires juggling hundreds of moving parts. Drop even one ball, and it could spell disaster. All too often small business owners and entrepreneurs fail to set up systems and processes to help them manage; either due to a perceived lack of time or from an over abundance of confidence. Which often causes numerous […]


Is disorganization killing your business?


Discover the 5 Tasks Crushing your Growth

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