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Does even the thought of feeling uncomfortable make you uncomfortable? You may have noticed that as human beings, we’re wired to avoid discomfort. We just don’t like it! It’s tied in with our ingrained fight or flight response. There’s obvious physical discomfort that tells you something is wrong, and you should remove yourself from the […]


How Pushing Myself Out of My Comfort Zone Led to Some of My Biggest Life Events

Playing small - Overhead image of a coffee cup and white flowers on white table with text that reads 10 ways you're playing small in business and in life

Have you ever looked around your office, at the projects you’re working on, the space you occupy and the life you’ve built for yourself, and wondered why you didn’t feel inspired, ecstatic and thrilled to be there? Maybe you’ve caught yourself watching the clock a lot lately or felt your shoulders droop when you realized […]

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10 Ways You’re Playing Small in Business

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt This quote has always spoken to me. I remember this call-to-action from the longest-serving First Lady of the United States (who was also a diplomat and human rights activist) every time I think about stretching beyond my comfort zone. After all, if Eleanor Roosevelt […]


Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind


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