Sick of working 12 hours a day and still feeling behind? Holding out hope that simply wishing for more hours in the day will actually come true? Do you know that you definitely need to hire a virtual assistant but the thought of it makes you nervous? Hiring a virtual assistant is a big step […]

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Signs You’re Ready To Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

It’s really easy to be busy all the time. That’s true for everyone, but as entrepreneurs, it’s almost a badge of honour! But as the CEO of your business, where you’re busy matters. As a guideline, you can aim to split your time evenly between working in your business (client work and delivery) and working […]

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Asking Questions Can Help To Grow Your Business

Inspiration and motivation can get you going, but habits keep you going. This is true whether you’re building your business, bodybuilding, or decorating your Christmas tree. There are books and courses and wonderful TED Talks about finding inspiration (or motivation, if that’s what you relate to), but there’s a problem they don’t generally acknowledge: it’s […]


Building New Habits to Create a Better Business

True story: Until I was in my 30s, I couldn’t phone in a pizza order without feeling paralyzed by anxiety. And even though I’ve been name dropped in Forbes, interviewed for a dozen podcasts and summits, taught in some super A-Player groups, and been onstage with some pretty high falutin’ Clubhouse hosts, I’m still very […]


You’re a Human, Not Just a Business

***Note: some of the links below are affiliate links (marked with an asterisk*); meaning I receive a small monetary thank you from the company if you choose to join them through my link.*** There is a whole lotta confusion surrounding list building. For those who aren’t in the know, the idea of building an email […]


Why You Need An Email List and How To Grow One

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As an entrepreneur, you likely find yourself wishing for more time during the day, desperately clutching at any new tip or tool that promises to “give you back your time” or help you “work smarter, not harder.”  Yet, no matter how hard you wish for more, we all have the same 24-hours in a day, […]


Subcontractor or Employee — What’s the Difference?

Have you ever looked at the social media followings of your online biz owner crushes (like Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield – just two of my not-so-secret biz crushes)… …. and wonder just how the holy hell they’ve managed to amass such an adoring flock? Do they have some secret well of Felix Felicis they […]


The best way to grow your social media following is NOT a VA!

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You may have heard many times (from HUGE names like Amy Porterfield and Stu McLaren) that you NEED to get a Virtual Assistant. “They’re amazing – everyone should get one. They’ll help you with everything and kick your business into high gear!” Are VAs amazing? Hell yes!  Does everyone need one? Nope. Or rather, not […]

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Is hiring a VA the answer to your prayers? Maybe not.

You’re here so I’m assuming a few things about you (apologies if I’m wrong – my mum always told me never to assume but sometimes there’s just no other way).  First, I’m assuming you’re an entrepreneur. Not just any entrepreneur though.  You’re a mega-awesome, on the cusp of being tremendously successful (if only you could […]


Drowning in Work? A VA Might Not Be The Answer

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Most small business owners, especially in the early days, have to wear many hats. Nope, scratch that. They have to wear EVERY hat. It’s a one-person band, and all of the responsibilities are on YOU. Eventually, once you’ve made it through the early days and brought your business to a healthy place, you’re going to […]


Are You Ready for an OBM?


Discover the 5 Tasks Crushing your Growth

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