Here’s something I share with many entrepreneurs during one-on-one sessions: yes, it’s possible to scale your business without a team. For a little while. The strategies you use for growing your business vary depending on what stage of business. The model I like to use is the 5 Stages of Business Growth by Todd Herman. […]


How to Delegate for Sustainable Growth at Every Stage of Business


Which do you prefer: apples or oranges? It’s a difficult question. They have much in common; they’re both fruit, tasty, healthy, and make a great snack… but otherwise, they’re completely different. When you’re looking to expand your team, you have a similar choice to make. Do you want to hire a Virtual Assistant or an […]


Do You Need an OBM or a VA?

Do you cringe at the idea of delegating? Delegation is not easy for most small business owners and entrepreneurs and we know why: you are used to kicking ass all by yourself. You are a superhero when it comes to handling anything and everything from creating your sales funnel to managing your social media. But […]


How & What to Delegate

Working with uber-successful clients constantly reminds me that change is a constant in business! The most successful businesses are living entities with many moving parts, so they transform day-to-day and over time as new employees are hired and owners near retirement. I had lunch with a client recently who began to muse about when she’ll […]

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Why You Need a Turnover Plan

Every so often, you may see a Facebook ad or receive a webinar invite from a VA, or perhaps hear a peer say “I LOVE my VA”, and, intrigued, you wonder: What the heck do VAs actually do?! Should I work with one? What value can they bring to my business? Great questions! The first […]

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What VAs Do

Are you owning your projects and seeing them through to the best of your potential? From the biggest of projects to the smallest, project management is the key to success when it comes to getting things done and staying within your timeline and budget. As online business managers, we’ve had the pleasure of assisting so […]

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Project Management Tips for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

Most business owners face the perennial question of whether to hire employees or continue to DIY as they grow. But there’s a third choice: You can hire a Virtual Assistant without taking on the expenses of in-house expertise. As you establish and grow your business, sometimes it can feel like you’ve become a victim of your own […]

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The Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a VA

Offering your own online course is a great way to share your knowledge, help your audience achieve a result they desire, establish yourself as an expert on a topic, and build a passive income for yourself at the same time. But creating a course can be time-consuming and overwhelming. You have to create the outline, […]

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5 Ways to Beat the Course Development Blues

It’s not enough to just hire a Virtual Assistant (VA): you’ve got to be able to find the right one that matches your needs perfectly. This is as much about taking a hard look at the transformation you want to see take place in your business as it is finding someone with special talents in a […]

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How to Find a VA


Discover the 5 Tasks Crushing your Growth

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