Happy New Year! I hope your December was restful and, if you celebrate, festive and full of wonder. How are you feeling about the beginning of a new year? Full of pressure to choose your “one word” or an arbitrary revenue goal? A little guilty about the projects you didn’t quite finish last year? Or […]

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How to Plan for your Business to Scale (Step One)

What comes to mind when you think of December?  Fairy lights, eggnog, fruitcake, and parties? Or deadlines, annual revenue goals, and all those projects at risk of ringing in the new year unfinished? If you’re a business owner with a tendency to reach for big revenue goals at the end of the year, or to […]

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How to Plan for a Smooth December

Despite what the popular adage says, the customer is not always right.  But right or wrong doesn’t matter when faced with an unhappy customer, refund requests, or negative feedback.  What matters is figuring out what the actual problem is, taking the time to reflect on what the customer is actually saying (even if it’s hard!) […]


The Customer Isn’t Always Right…and It Doesn’t Matter

It’s easy to think of scaling your business as something that just happens. That if you hit a certain milestone, all of a sudden your business will start scaling. And to a certain degree that can happen, but it really does take some planning and a structure for scaling your business to be energetically and […]

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Planning to Scale

How do you know you’re successful? Increasing traffic to your website, more discovery calls, increasing subscribers; all those numbers that the experts talk about. But how do you know you’re moving towards your goals? Key Performance Indicators, or KPI’s for short, give you an objective way to measure your success in a project and your […]

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What are KPI’s and which do I need?

Imagine software that makes planning, executing, and monitoring projects within your business a walk in the park. It helps your whole team–whether it’s a team of one, +1, or 100–know who is doing what and when. That’s what project management tools are all about. Even if your business only has one signature offer there are […]

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How To Choose The Right Project Management Tool

It’s really easy to be busy all the time. That’s true for everyone, but as entrepreneurs, it’s almost a badge of honour! But as the CEO of your business, where you’re busy matters. As a guideline, you can aim to split your time evenly between working in your business (client work and delivery) and working […]

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Asking Questions Can Help To Grow Your Business

Inspiration and motivation can get you going, but habits keep you going. This is true whether you’re building your business, bodybuilding, or decorating your Christmas tree. There are books and courses and wonderful TED Talks about finding inspiration (or motivation, if that’s what you relate to), but there’s a problem they don’t generally acknowledge: it’s […]


Building New Habits to Create a Better Business

I’ve always wanted to have an office full of happy, thriving plants. The kind that look really amazing on a Zoom call, when attendees or a potential client is first checking me out. The only problem was that I didn’t have time. Time to research which plants would thrive in my office space with medium […]


4 Keys to a Thriving Business (…or House Plant)

Being busy feels good. Hitting send on those newsletter emails, getting on discovery calls, and that sense of accomplishment when you complete a mind-blowing client project? Who needs to exercise for endorphins when you run a business? Well, you might, once your happy clients start tagging you in their Insta stories and your waitlist gets […]


Self-Care for Your Business


Discover the 5 Tasks Crushing your Growth

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