Despite what the popular adage says, the customer is not always right.  But right or wrong doesn’t matter when faced with an unhappy customer, refund requests, or negative feedback.  What matters is figuring out what the actual problem is, taking the time to reflect on what the customer is actually saying (even if it’s hard!) […]


The Customer Isn’t Always Right…and It Doesn’t Matter

True story: Until I was in my 30s, I couldn’t phone in a pizza order without feeling paralyzed by anxiety. And even though I’ve been name dropped in Forbes, interviewed for a dozen podcasts and summits, taught in some super A-Player groups, and been onstage with some pretty high falutin’ Clubhouse hosts, I’m still very […]


You’re a Human, Not Just a Business

We need community to survive. With the extended periods of isolation many of us have had due to the pandemic, we’ve experienced the mental and emotional consequences of having that need go unfulfilled. Entrepreneurs who create a strong culture – one that their team looks forward to coming to every week – can scale more […]


The Key to Fostering Relationships Within Your Team

Text: How Voxer can change the way you communicate with your VA Beckground: desk with plants and notepad

[Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you sign up for any of the items mentioned, I get a small monetary thank you from the developers of that tool. All affiliate links are denoted with **] —————————- *132 new emails* *6 new text messages* *5 new voice mail messages* *3 new Facebook messages* *6 […]


How Voxer can change the way you communicate with your VA

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When was the last time you had a real heart-to-heart with your virtual assistant? ‘Cause let me tell ya, communication is the key to success in any relationship—and that’s just as true for the VA you outsource your work to as it is with your spouse, best pal, or your own clients. If you haven’t […]


The Do’s & Don’ts of Communicating with a VA

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When was the last time you received a really great email? Not a newsletter or promo email about the latest course you must have, just a regular email correspondence that was a pleasure to read? My guess is you haven’t seen one in a very long time, or very often—if ever. “I would have written […]


The Art of Writing the Perfect Email

As a small business owner, you want to ensure you’re offering the best possible customer service to your clients from the first time they contact you, and as you build your relationship with them. But what does it take to not only meet your clients’ expectations, but exceed them in every way imaginable so that […]


Treating Customers Right (Two Sides of the Customer Service Coin Part 2)


Discover the 5 Tasks Crushing your Growth

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