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When was the last time you received a really great email? Not a newsletter or promo email about the latest course you must have, just a regular email correspondence that was a pleasure to read? My guess is you haven’t seen one in a very long time, or very often—if ever. “I would have written […]


The Art of Writing the Perfect Email

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Which aspect of your business do you think most contributes to your success? Your marketing? Your branding? Your customer service? The services or products that you offer need to come first, obviously. If you don’t have a high-value offer that people really want, then it won’t matter how good your marketing is. People won’t buy […]


Why Is Content Marketing So Important For Small Businesses?

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The way that you present your personal and business brands (which might be one and the same) is one of the trickiest, but most important, aspects of your entrepreneurship journey. Clients want someone who knows what they’re doing. If you can position yourself as someone knowledgeable and credible enough to help, then you’re in business! […]


How to Effectively Position Yourself as an Expert

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How much do you charge your clients? One of the biggest sources of anxiety for solopreneurs is determining exactly how much to charge for their products and services. As an entrepreneur, you probably feel that if you charge too much, you aren’t going to be able to build up a customer base. But don’t forget […]


How to Increase Your Prices


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